Haskell Weekly News: October 4, 2005

Greetings, and thanks for reading the 10th issue of HWN, a weekly newsletter for the Haskell community. Each Tuesday, new editions will be posted (as text) to the Haskell mailing list and (as HTML) to The Haskell Sequence.

New Releases


Quiet or Busy? It's been a quiet week on the Haskell lists, so this week's HWN is a bit sparse. But that's because many Haskellers were at the Haskell workshops at ICFP in Estonia. I expect we'll see some fallout from those workshops on the list in the coming week.

Haskell workshop items. Over on the IRC channel logs from September 30, there was a live conversation beginning at 15:36:33 of the "Future of Haskell discussion." Autrijus Tang's journal had several pages of entries, including one providing a nice summary.

Endian conversion. Joel Reymont asked about converting binary data in a network protocol, and several suggestions were posted in the resulting discussion.

Is putChar strict? John Meacham asked this question, and pointed out that different Haskell compilers/interpreters are behaving in different ways.

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