Haskell Weekly News: October 11, 2005

Greetings, and thanks for reading the 11th issue of HWN, a weekly newsletter for the Haskell community. Each Tuesday, new editions will be posted (as text) to the Haskell mailing list and (as HTML) to The Haskell Sequence.

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Papers from the 2005 Haskell Workship. Dimitry Golubovsky noted that papers from the workshop on the ACM site required a login to read. Simon Marlow posted a free link to the papers he co-authored.

IRC for spreading information. John Goerzen wrote about some concerns regarding using IRC for spreading information to the Haskell community, such as happened recently. It received some discussion on #haskell.

Reducing memory usage. Young Hyun began an interesting thread about tracking down mysterious cases of high RAM usage. Several people made suggestions for things to try, including things that would be useful to others.

Memoization. Gerd M wondered why Data.Map was slower than he expected in his program.

Monad Syntax. Tom Hawkins asked about the syntax "| m -> s" in class declarations. Several people explained that this has to do with functional dependencies, an extension to Haskell 98.

Alternatives to hs-plugins. John Goerzen posted a scenario in which hs-plugins would be useful, but where concerns about its portability may render it inappropriate. Nils Anders Danielsson replied with a link to his code that can call Hugs to dynamically evaluate Haskell snippets.

Haskell Toolchain

Converting fptools to Darcs. Simon Marlow wrote about his ideas for converting fptools from CVS to Darcs. Several people made suggestions and asked questions.

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