Haskell Weekly News: October 18, 2005

Greetings, and thanks for reading the 12th issue of HWN, a weekly newsletter for the Haskell community. Each Tuesday, new editions will be posted (as text) to the Haskell mailing list and (as HTML) to The Haskell Sequence.

New Releases

Requests for Participation

Future Haskell Standard. Isaac Jones posted a request for participation in the formation of the next standardized version of Haskell.

HCAR Clarification. Last week's HWN story on the Haskell Communities & Activities Report (HCAR) had some misleading wording. Participation in this report is open to all, and submissions are encouraged from everyone.


Haskell mentioned on Slashdot. Haskell was mention on Slashdot. The post was refering to an article about optimizing development for fun and had pugs as its example.

ZLib bindings. Joel Reymont asked about code for handling GZip files. Henning Thielemann suggested the code in Darcs. Malcom Wallace pointed out code in qforeign, and John Goerzen mentioned the pure-Haskell implementation in MissingH.

GADTs. Bulat Ziganshin began a discussion asking for resources on GADTs. Several people posted links to helpful resources.

Class aliases. John Meacham began a long discussion by proposing class aliases, a language extension to solve problems of multiple implementations of the same concept in different libraries.

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