Haskell Weekly News: January 9, 2006

Greetings, and thanks for reading the 19th issue of HWN, a weekly newsletter for the Haskell community. Each Monday, new editions are posted to the Haskell mailing list and to The Haskell Sequence. RSS is also available.

New Releases

Resources and Tools


Darcs Corner

A darcs gui. Eric Kow proposed resurrecting the darcs wxhaskell gui for a new darcs gui.

Quote of the Week

* autrijus stares at 
  type Eval x = forall r. ContT r (ReaderT x IO) (ReaderT x IO x) 
  and feels very lost
<shapr> Didn't you write that code?
<autrijus> yeah. and it works
<autrijus> I just don't know what it means.

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