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A week of busy activity in the community. Thanks to Simon Marlow and Josef Svenningsson for contributions to this issue.



This section covers the Haskell' standardisation process.


Quotes of the Week

Code Watch

    Thu Jun 29 06:58:36 PDT 2006  Simon Marlow
        * No longer force -fvia-C for the RTS, it can now be compiled with the

    Sat Jul  1 01:43:45 PDT 2006  Don Stewart
        * Import Data.ByteString.Lazy, improve ByteString Fusion, and resync
        with FPS head

           This patch imports the Data.ByteString.Lazy module, and its helpers,
           providing a ByteString implemented as a lazy list of strict
           cache-sized chunks. This type allows the usual lazy operations to be
           written on bytestrings, including lazy IO, with much improved space
           and time over the [Char] equivalents.

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