Welcome to issue 54 of HWN, a weekly newsletter covering developments in the Haskell community.

A new release of the Edison data structures library, along with several other new libraries, and some new Haskell articles in the blogspace.


Edison 1.2.1. Robert Dockins announced the 1.2.1 release of Edison. Edison is a famous library of efficient, purely-functional data structures in Haskell. Notable changes from the previous version include: a new sequence implementation based on finger trees; documentation fixes dealing with the licence; added a few methods to EnumSet for wrapping and unwrapping the underlying Word

Basic serialisation library using SYB. Stefan O'Rear announced GenericSerialize, a library for serialization using the existing generic-programming framework. It is often advocated that support for serialization should be added to the compiler (e.g. in the form of a deriving(Binary)). With this project Stefan wants to show that the existing infrastructure is sufficient, and has some advantages over a dedicated serialization interface. GenericSerialize supports multiple serialization modes.

vty 1.0. Stefan O'Rear announced vty 1.0, a simple terminal interface library. It provides: handling of suspend/resume, window resizes, computation of minimal differences, minimizes repaint area, automatically decodes keyboard keys into (key,modifier) tuples, and more!

Monad.Reader call for copy. Wouter Swierstra reminded us that its still not too late to write something for the next issue of The Monad.Reader! We have a nice issue slowly shaping up, but your contribution is still very welcome. Get in touch with Wouter if you intend to submit something -- the sooner you let him know what you're up to, the better.

Ranged Sets. Paul Johnson announced that Ranged Sets now have a Monoid instance, and singletons (i.e. a range holding a single value), thanks to Jean-Philippe Bernardy.

CalDims 1.0 (RC 1). schneegloeckchen announced CalDims, a calculator aware of units. Its available from the Haskell wiki. It includes support for user defined basic units and derrived units; user defined functions; work sheets can be modified/saved via shell; (1/3)*3 == 1 (No rounding errors); built-in feature to simplify units and easy unit-conversion.

JoinCabal. Dougal Stanton announced an alternative to mkcabal, for initialising new cabal projects: JoinCabal, available via darcs. JoinCabal will create stub sources files with a license header, and appropriate license for you code, making it easier to set up a valid cabal build system.

Haskell Vim plugin. Arthur van Leeuwen announced a new vim plugin for Haskell providing some preliminary folding support, easy insertion of type signatures into programs, and support for handling .hi files.


This section covers the Haskell' standardisation process.


Automonadization of code. Adam Megacz asked if there any work on automatic translation of code in some tiny imperative language into Haskell code that uses the ST and/or IO monads (or perhaps even pure functional code)?

What are the points in pointfree style?. Steve Downey wondered about the origin of the term 'points' in pointfree style.

Rebinding >>= for restricted monads. David Roundy pondered rebinding the >>= syntax in order to provide a more restricted monad.

#haskell reaches 300 users. Don Stewart noticed that the #haskell IRC channel has now reached the 300 user mark, making it one of the top 15 channels on the freenode network.

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Fri Dec 8 21:03:34 PST 2006. Andy Gill. Adding tracing support (HPC)

Wed Dec 13 08:45:38 PST 2006. simonpj. You can now have an MVar with a polymorphic contents

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