Welcome to issue 66 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the Haskell community.

A huge month for the Haskell community, with the Haskell Workshop, ICFP and CUFP conferences, the second international Haskell Hackathon, and 63 libraries and tools uploaded to hackage! A round of applause to everyone involved!


This week's new libraries in the Hackage library database.


This week's proposals and extensions to the standard libraries.

Conference roundup

Haskell papers presented at the Haskell Workshp, ICFP and CUFP, in Freiburg, Germany.


Finance. An NYC finance company requires an expert level Haskell user; must be comfortable with monads, monad transformers, type level programming (i.e. MPTC, overlapping and undecidable instances), and lazy evaluation (i.e. know how to find and eliminate space leaks).

Web Developer. RedNucleus Ltd requires a highly motivated programmer for a full or part-time posititon developing social web applications. Initially you will develop and maintain applications using RubyOnRails or a similar framework, but there will be opportunities to explore new web programming paradigms with declarative languages. The successful application will have exposure to functional programming methodologies, e.g. in Haskell, Lisp or Erlang

Blog noise

Haskell news from the blogosphere.

Quotes of the Week

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