Welcome to issue 67 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the Haskell community.

This week sees the release of GHC 6.8.1, to rave reviews. There have been many reports of large performance improvements for Haskell programs, from small to large production systems. Congratulations to the GHC team for such a great release!


GHC 6.8.1. Ian Lynagh announced the release of GHC 6.8.1, a new major release of GHC. There have been a number of significant changes since the last major release, including: Haskell Program Coverage support, the GHCi debugger, pointer tagging in the runtime (with up to 10-15% speedups), constructor specialisation, improved optimisations and much more! The full release notes are available.

Gtk2Hs Duncan Coutts announced version of gtk2hs is now available. gtk2hs is the standard graphics library for Haskell.

Lazy SmallCheck 0.1. Matthew Naylor announced Lazy SmallCheck 0.1, a library for exhaustive, demand-driven testing of Haskell programs.

HDBC 1.1.3. John Goerzen announced new releases of HDBC, the Haskell database connectivity kit, and its associated backends (for sqlite3, postgresql, odbc).

xmobar. Andrea Rossato announced the release of Xmobar-0.8, a minimalistic, text based, status bar. It was specifically designed to work with the XMonad Window Manager.

Flymake Haskell. Daisuke Ikegami announced flymake haskell, emacs bindings for interactive Haskell editing.

network bytestring. Johan Tibbel announced, strict ByteString versions of the recv/send family of functions for efficient network IO.

ByteString search. Bryan O'Sullivan announced a cabalised version of the fast Boyer-Moore and Knuth-Morris-Pratt string search code for ByteStrings

Generating free theorems. Janis Voigtlaender announced an improved version of the online and offline free theorems generator for Haskell

hslogger4j 0.1.1. Bjorn Buckwalter announced Hslogger4j, which provides handlers for hslogger (John Goerzen's Haskell logging framework) that are compatible with log4j's XMLLayout.

Infinity 0.3. Austin Seipp announced `infinity', an IRC bot in Haskell

hswm. Remi Turk announced the first and last release of hswm, a Haskell window manager.


This week's new libraries in the Hackage library database.


Bootstrapping Haskell. Andrew Copping wondered how the first Haskell compilers were bootstrapped, leading to some interesting historical details.

GHC 6.8 performance. Dan Piponi asked about Haskell performance for low level array manipulation, with some excellent speedups produced by GHC 6.8


Software Development Engineer at MSR. Don Syme announced that the F Sharp team is hiring! We have two positions open right now. The first is a software development engineer specializing in Visual Studio and libraries. The second Post Calendar is a software development engineer

PhD position at Chalmers. John Hughes announced that the Functional Programming group at Chalmers is seeking to recruit a PhD student to work on domain-specific languages embedded in Haskell for hardware design, and for programming graphics processors. PhD positions in Sweden are 'real jobs', paying a respectable salary for up to five years.

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