Welcome to issue 68 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the Haskell community.

This HWN features new releases of the GHC and nhc98 Haskell compilers, a pre-release of darcs 2.0, several new user groups formed, and of course, more than 100 updated and new libraries


GHC 6.8.2. The GHC Team announced the release of GHC 6.8.2, featuring optimisation improvements, improvements to ghci and fixes to standalone deriving.

nhc98 1.2 released. Malcolm Wallace announced the release of nhc98 1.2. 1.20 is a refreshed release with many of the current core library packages included, and a variety of small bugfixes since the last release. It successfully compiles and runs more programs from the nobench suite than jhc, hbc, Hugs, or yhc. It generates an interpreted bytecode that, on the whole runs faster than that generated by Hugs or yhc, and in many cases is also faster than ghci. Although nhc98 is written in Haskell, you don't need an existing Haskell compiler on your platform to build nhc98 - a C compiler will do. Hence, it is portable to almost any unix-like machine with a 32-bit compatibility mode. Many useful build tools come included: hmake (the inspiration for ghc --make), hi (interactive read-eval-print, like Hugs or ghci), cpphs (Haskell-aware replacement for cpp) and hsc2hs (preprocessor for FFI code)

darcs 2.0.0pre2. David Roundy announced the availability of the second prerelease of darcs two, darcs 2.0.0pre2. This release fixes several severe performance bugs that were present in the first prerelease. These issues were identified and fixed thanks to the helpful testing of Simon Marlow and Peter Rockai. We also added support for compilation under ghc 6.4, so even more users should be able to test this release.

The Monad.Reader Issue 9: SoC special. Wouter Swierstra announced a new issue of The Monad.Reader, a 'Summer of Code Special' - it consists of three articles from student participants of Google's Summer of Code, describing the projects they worked on.

What's happening with Haskell? The 13th HCAR. Andres Loeh announced the 13th edition of the Haskell Communities and Activities Report

Teach yourself gtk2hs in 21 hours. Hans van Thiel announced a Gtk2Hs basics tutorial, based on the Tony Gale and Ian Main GTK+2.0 tutorial, is now available for review and comment.

Minimalistic Haskell blog framework. Paul Brown announced a lightweight, experimental blog publishing application, perpubplat

atom. Tom Hawkins announced the release of atom 2007.12; atom is a domain-specific language embedded in Haskell for describing real-time control applications


New and updated libraries in the Hackage library database.

Conference roundup

New user groups


Prototyping. Peter Verswyvelen announced a job using Haskell for prototyping computer animation and games

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