Welcome to issue 71 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the Haskell community.

Another busy week on the Haskell library front, with around 100 new and updated libraries and tools on Hackage.


Google Summer of Code. Malcolm Wallace announced Google is running its 'Summer of Code' project again this year, and Haskell.org is once again going to apply to be a mentoring organisation. If you're interested in earning money to hack on Haskell, and helping out the community, take a look at the wiki.

Haskell in the browser. Dimitry Golubovsky announced that the YHC JavaScript backend is now in alpha testing, and is open to experimentation for those wanting to write Haskell directly for the browser


New and updated libraries in the Hackage library database.


Haskell for real-time control software. Tom Hawkins announced an opening for a Haskell job in real-time control software for vehicle and machinery applications

Haskell for bioinformatics. Ketil Malde announced an open position for a 3-year Ph.D. scolarship at IMR working on bioinformatics projects in Haskell

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