Welcome to issue 72 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the Haskell community.

Greetings, Haskellites! As many of you have already heard, Don Stewart has passed on the editorship of the HWN to me (Brent Yorgey). I'd like to thank Don and John Goerzen for their great work putting it together in the past, and I'm excited to make the HWN once again into a reliable, useful compendium of happenings in the Haskell community. You can expect to see a few changes---for example, hackage uploads will no longer be listed in the HWN (unless they are announced on the haskell or haskell-cafe mailing lists), since you can now see a dynamically updated list on the front page of the Haskell wiki. This edition includes all the announcements going back to Issue 71, but only some of the blog posts, since I couldn't find a way to get old feed data from Planet Haskell. Hopefully next week things will settle down to something more normal(ish) and I can begin tinkering with the format. Feel free to send suggestions and/or stories for inclusion to me, byorgey at gmail dot com. Enjoy---'Putting the W back in HWN!'


hfann. Olivier Boudry announced the first release of the hfann module, an interface to the 'Fast Artificial Neural Network (FANN)' library.

funsat. Denis Bueno announced a release of funsat, a modern, DPLL-style SAT solver written in Haskell. Funsat solves formulas in conjunctive normal form and produces a total variable assignment for satisfiable problems.

DEFUN08: Call for talks and tutorials. Matthew Fluet announced the final call for talks and tutorials at DEFUN 2008, to be held in conjunction with ICFP.

Cabal-1.4 Release Candidate. Duncan Coutts announced the second release candidate for Cabal-1.4.

Programmer's Minesweeper. Bertram Felgenhauer announced a Haskell implementation of Programmer's Minesweeper, which allows programmers to implement minesweeper strategies and run them.

hackage RSS feed. Don Stewart announced a new RSS feed for the most recently uploaded packages on Hackage.

BLAS bindings. Patrick Perry announced a set of bindings for the BLAS linear algebra library.

Xen Control bindings. Thomas DuBuisson announced the hsXenCtrl package, with FFI bindings to Xen.

bloomfilter. Bryan O'Sullivan announced the availability of a fast Bloom filter library for Haskell. A Bloom filter is a probabilistic data structure that provides a fast set membership querying capability. It does not give false negatives, but has a tunable false positive rate.

HCAR. Janis Voigtlaender announced the 14th edition of the Haskell Community and Activities Report (HCAR).

HSmugMug. Daniel Patterson announced HSmugMug, a Haskell wrapper to the photo hosting site SmugMug's API.

LIPL. Sam Lee announced the release of LIPL, a tiny functional language implemented as a term project to learn Haskell.

Glome 0.51. Jim Snow announced version 0.51 of glome, a raytracer written in Haskell.

ChessLibrary. Andrew Wagner announced the ChessLibrary project, and mentioned that he is looking for an experienced haskeller to serve as a mentor for this project.

xmonad-utils. Gwern Branwen announced the upload to hackage of xmonad-utils, a couple of small Xlib programs which might be useful for xmonad users.

Roguestar. Christopher Lane Hinson announced the release of Roguestar 0.2, a science fiction themed roguelike (turn-based, chessboard-tiled, role playing) game written in Haskell.

Streaming Component Combinators. Mario Blazevic announced the 0.1 release of Streaming Component Combinators in Haskell, based on earlier work done in OmniMark.

Twitter client. Chris Eidhof announced a simple terminal-based Twitter client.

Monad.Reader call for copy. Wouter Swierstra issued a call for copy for The Monad.Reader. The submission deadline for Issue 11 is August 1.

category-extras. Edward Kmett announced a new release of the category-extras package, involving all sorts of new categorical goodness.

Session Types for Haskell. Matthew Sackman announced the availability of Session Types for Haskell. Session types are a means of describing communication between multiple threads, and statically verifying that the communication being performed is safe and conforms to the specification.

Haddock 2.1.0. David Waern announced the release of Haddock 2.1.0.

ReviewBoard. Adam Smyczek announced the release of Haskell bindings to ReviewBoard, a development tool designed to monitor code changes and analyze dependencies.

diagrams. Brent Yorgey announced the initial release of Graphics.Rendering.Diagrams, an embedded domain-specific language for creating simple pictures and diagrams, built on top of the Cairo vector graphics library.

HXT. Uwe Schmidt announced a new release of the Haskell XML Toolbox.

GSoC. Malcolm Wallace announced the seven student projects chosen to be funded by the Google Summer of Code.

bytestring. Don Stewart announced a new major release of bytestring, the efficient string library for Haskell, suitable for high-performance scenarios.

HXQ. Leonidas Fegaras announced the release of HXQ, an XQuery compiler/interpreter for Haskell.

Win32-notify. Niklas Broberg announced the first release of Win32-notify, an inotify-alike for Windows.

cpuid. Martin Grabmueller announced the new cpuid package, which provides functionality for accessing information about the currently running IA-32 processor.

Emping. Hans van Thiel announced version 0.5 of the Emping package, a utility which derives the shortest rules from a table of rules.

datapacker. John Goerzen announced the first release of datapacker, a tool to pack files into a minimum number of CDs, DVDs, or any other arbitrary bin.

darcswatch. Joachim Breitner announced the release of darcswatch, a tool for tracking darcs patches and repositories.

Generic Haskell. Thomas van Noort announced the fifth release of Generic Haskell, an extension of Haskell that facilitates generic programming.

drawingcombinators. Luke Palmer announced the release of graphics-drawingcombinators, a wrapper around OpenGL with a functional interface.

The Monad.Reader. Wouter Swierstra announced the publication of Issue 10 of The Monad.Reader, a quarterly magazine about functional programming.

Well-Typed LLP. Ian Lynagh announced that he, Björn Bringert and Duncan Coutts have set up a Haskell consultancy company, Well-Typed LLP. Their services include application development, library and tool maintenance, project advice, and training.

hgdbmi. Evan Martin announced the hgdbmi package, which wraps the operations of attaching GDB to a process and parsing the GDB/MI output.

xmonad. Don Stewart announced the release of xmonad version 0.7. Updates include improved integration with GNOME, more flexible "rules", various stability fixes, and of course, many new and interesting features in the extension library.

Haskell Server Pages. Niklas Broberg announced a new release of Haskell Server Pages, a programming model for writing dynamic web pages in Haskell, both server-side and client-side.

Network.MiniHTTP. Adam Langley announced a release of network-minihttp, a small bytestring HTTP library.

Disciplined Disciple Compiler. Ben Lippmeier announced the initial alpha release of the Disciplined Disciple Compiler, an explicitly lazy dialect of Haskell.

haskell-src-exts. Niklas Broberg announced a new release for haskell-src-exts, a package for handling and manipulating Haskell source code.

omnicodec. Magnus Therning announced the package omnicodec, containing two command line utilities for encoding and decoding data.

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