Welcome to issue 85 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the Haskell community.


citeproc-hs. Andrea Rossato announced the first release of citeproc-hs, a Haskell implementation of the Citation Style Language. citeproc-hs adds a Bibtex-like citation and bibliographic formatting and generation facility to Pandoc.

Twidge. John Goerzen announced the release of Twidge, a command-line Twitter and Identi.ca client.

Real World HAppS: Cabalized, Self-Demoing HAppS Tutorial (Version 3). Thomas Hartman announced a new version of happs-tutorial, with a correspondingly updated online demo.

generic list functions fixed. Jim Apple reported that genericTake, genericDrop, and genericSplitAt have been fixed so they are now total functions (they used to fail on negative integer inputs, unlike their ungeneric counterparts).

The Monad.Reader (13) - Call for copy. Wouter Swierstra announced a call for copy for Issue 13 of the Monad.Reader. The deadline for submitting articles is February 13, 2009.

Heads Up: code.haskell.org is upgrading to darcs 2. Duncan Coutts announced that /usr/bin/darcs on code.haskell.org will soon be upgraded to version 2. Most users should be unaffected as darcs 2 works just fine with repositories in darcs 1 format, and has been extensively tested for correctness.


packages and QuickCheck. Conal Elliott asked what methods of organization people use to package up QuickCheck tests for their libraries.

Hackage needs a theme song!. Jason Dagit wrote a theme song for Hackage!


Gamr7. Lionel Barret De Nazaris announced that Gamr7, a startup in France focused on procedural city generation for the game and simulation market, is looking for a senior developer/technical director.

senior role at Credit Suisse. Ganesh Sittampalam announced that Credit Suisse is seeking to recruit an expert in functional programming for a senior role in the Global Modelling and Analytics Group (GMAG) in the Securities Division.

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