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One day a Haskell n00b asked the master coder, "Master, does (const 3 undefined) have the terminating nature, or not?" The master replied, "Of course." Cried the n00b, "But that changes everything! Why did you not tell me this before?" "You never asked." Immediately, the n00b was enlightened.


Darcs hacking sprint. Eric Kow announced that the darcs hacking sprint is taking place this weekend!

Lambdabot 4.2.2. Gwern Branwen announced the release of version 4.2.2 of lambdabot, the famous Haskell IRC bot. The new release has innumerable new features and bugfixes, trained suckling pigs, mermaids, etc.

Autoproc Change of Maintainer (if you use procmail you should read this). Jason Dagit announced that Gwern Branwen will be taking over the autoproc project. Autoproc makes it quick and easy for Haskell programmers to make procmail recipes by using an embedded domain specific language. Once your recipes type check and compile, you simply run autoproc and it generates the corresponding procmail recipe.

External Sort: Sort a 10-million integer file with just 256M of ram.. Thomas Hartman announced the external-sort package. It implements an on-disk external sort algorithm in Haskell, which you can use to sort lists that will not fit in memory.

IEEE-utils. Sterling Clover announced the IEEE-utils package, providing a number of bindings for anyone interested in doing hardcore floating-point programming.

rewriting-0.1. Thomas van Noort announced the release of rewriting, a generic rewriting library for regular datatypes. Features include generic rewriting machinery, generic traversals, and rewrite rules defined as values instead of functions.

REMINDER: Haskell Communities and Activities Report. Janis Voigtlaender reminded everyone that the deadline for the November 2008 edition of the Haskell Communities and Activities Report (Friday, October 31) is approaching fast! If you haven't already, please write an entry for your new project, or update your old entry. For more information, see the original call for contributions.

lhs2tex-1.14. Andres Loeh announced the release of lhs2TeX version 1.14, a a preprocessor to generate LaTeX code from literate Haskell sources.

colour 0.0.0. roconnor announced an initial release of the colour package. It is hoped that this library will become the standard colour library for Haskell.


Hackage Improvement Ideas. Jason Dagit suggested some improvements to Hackage and asked for others to contribute their ideas as well.

Spine-lazy "multiqueue". Luke Palmer asked for help implementing an efficient spine-lazy multiqueue.


Functional programming job opening. Simon Peyton-Jones announced a job opening in functional programming at Microsoft. They are looking for "an experienced software development engineer who has mastered C/C++ and/or C# development and is now learning or is already an expert using F# (or Haskell)."

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