Welcome to issue 94 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the Haskell community.

Lots of interesting reading this week! Martin Escardo writes about finite search over infinite search spaces expressed as a monad; Conal Elliott writes about the unambiguous choice operator and merging partial values; Luke Palmer on restricted data types and Udon, his system for universal distributed object management; a post about incremental parsing in Yi; Ryan Ingram on parametric higher-order abstract syntax; Issue #12 of the Monad.Reader; and much more!


The Monad.Reader - Issue 12: Summer of Code Special. Wouter Swierstra announced Issue 12 of the Monad.Reader, featuring articles by Max Bolingbroke, Roman Cheplyaka, and Neil Mitchell describing their Summer of Code projects.

Turbinado V0.1. Alson Kemp announced the release of Turbinado, an MVC web framework for Haskell.

EEConfig-1.0. Bartosz Wojcik announced the release of EEConfig, a simple library for reading parameters from a configuration file.


Proof of a multi-threaded application. Silviu Andrica asked about the possibility of proving the correctness of a multi-threaded application written in Haskell, leading to a discussion of STM, model checking, and related issues.

Monadic bind with associated types + PHOAS?. Ryan Ingram wrote about using parametric higher-order abstract syntax to get the benefits of HOAS (using the embedding language to express binding and substitution) while still being able to inspect or optimize the resulting expressions.

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