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Andre Pang (ozone) will be soon moving to San Fransisco to begin work with Pixar!


Mutually recursive modules. Henning Thielemann announced a small writeup explaining how mutually recursive modules are currently supported, and how they can be avoided. Please add information about other compilers and more ideas on breaking cycles.

UrlDisp, a friendly URL dispatching library. Artyom Shalkhakov announced the first release of UrlDisp, a small library for URL dispatching (aka routing). Right now it works with CGI, and should be compatible with FastCGI as well (not tested); Happstack compatibility is planned. Documentation and usage examples are available.

Purely functional LU decomposition. Rafael Gustavo da Cunha Pereira Pinto released some code to perform purely functional LU decomposition.

Ready for testing: Unicode support for Handle I/O. Simon Marlow announced that proper Unicode support in Handle I/O is ready for testing in GHC. Just download the set of patches, compile GHC with them, and test away! Comments and discussion welcome.

HaskellWiki Accounts. Ashley Yakeley can create a HaskellWiki account for anyone who wants one (account creation has been disabled as a spam-fighting measure).

multiplicity 0.1.0 released. Dino Morelli announced the release of multiplicity 0.1.0, a configuration file driven wrapper around duplicity. It allows you to easily define backup sets as config files and avoid long, repetitive command lines.

Happstack 0.1 Released!. Matthew Elder announced the 0.1 release of Happstack, the successor for the HAppS project.

#haskell-in-depth IRC channel. Philippa Cowderoy announced the creation of a new IRC channel, #haskell-in-depth. The new channel is open to everyone, just like #haskell, but is intended for more in-depth conversations, to allow the #haskell channel to be a more newbie-friendly place.

regex-posix-unittest-1.0 AND regex-posix-0.94.1 AND regex-tdfa-0.97.1. ChrisK announced an update to the regex-posix package which provides better semantics for multiple matches; an update to the regex-tdfa package, which provides the same new multiple match semantics and fixes a bug; and finally, a new package, regex-posix-unittest, along with an accompanying wiki page; it runs a suite of unit tests which regex-tdfa passes, but reveals bugs in the standard glibc, OS X, FreeBSD, and NetBSD implementations!

Jane Street Summer Project 2009. Yaron Minsky announced the Jane Street Summer Project for 2009, the goal of which is to make functional programming languages into better practical tools for programming in the real world. Students will be funded over the summer to work on open-source projects which aim at improving the practical utility of their favorite functional language.

gitit 0.5.1. John MacFarlane announced the release of gitit 0.5.1, a wiki program that uses git or darcs as a filestore and HAppS as a server. Changes include major code reorganization, bug fixes, new debugging features, and more.

regex-xmlschema. Uwe Schmidt announced the release of regex-xmlschema, (yet another) package for processing text with regular expressions, containing a complete implementation of the W3C XML Schema specification language for regular expressions.

diagrams 0.2. Brent Yorgey announced version 0.2 of the diagrams package, an embedded domain-specific language for creating simple graphics in a compositional style. New features include support for arbitrary paths, text, multiple output formats, and support for the colour library.


Haddock Markup. David Waern began a discussion on Haddock markup syntax: should it support (La)TeX for embedded mathematics? Should it support other stuff?

Elegant & powerful replacement for CSS. Conal Elliott began a discussion on an elegant replacement for CSS that is consistent, composable, orthogonal, functional, and based on an elegantly compelling semantic model---what might such a thing look like?

type metaphysics. Gregg Reynolds began a long and interesting discussion on the type system, denotational semantics, and related matters.


Postdoc Positions at the CLIP group, Spain. CFP announced the availability of postdoctoral research positions within the CLIP (Computational Logic, Implementation and Parallelism) group in Madrid, Spain. The application deadlines are February 13th and 18th; see the original email for more details.

Multiple funded Ph.D. positions available. Martin Erwig announced the availability of multiple funded Ph.D. positions in the school of EECS at Oregon State University, in the areas of programming languages (focusing on DSLs and language design), software engineering, and HCI. If you are interested, email Martin with a resume and contact information by February 15.

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