Welcome to issue 111 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the Haskell community.


CHP package. Neil Brown announced the release of version 1.2.0 of the CHP library (which supports explicit message-passing concurrency in Haskell), with various bug-fixes and a new "clock" synchronisation primitive.

smartword Web based flash card for Word Smart I and II vocabularies. Ki Yung Ahn announced the release of smartword, a web based flash card system for Word Smart I and II, a popular book series for studying GRE vocabularies.

HackMail 0.0 -- Procmail + Monads = Awesome!. Joe Fredette announced his very second Hackage upload, HackMail. Hackmail is a Procmail-alike, though it doesn't (yet) support procmail syntax. It dynamically loads a haskell source file and then sits as a daemon watching a directory for new emails. The source file contains a function which sorts email and delivers it to some directory.

FallingBlocks 0.1. Ben Sanders announced fallingblocks, a Tetris clone using SDL.

io-capture-0.2 capturing std(out|err) in IO action. Yusaku Hashimoto announced the release of io-capture 0.2, a library to capture stdout and stderr in an IO action. It exports a function capture, which takes an IO action and a String representing the entire input, and returns Strings representing the data written to stdout and stderr.

wxAsteroids 1.0. Henk-Jan van Tuyl announced wxAsteroids, a game demonstrating the wxHaskell GUI.

The votes are in!. Eelco Lempsink announced that the results of the Haskell logo competition are in! Congratulations to Jeff Wheeler on his winning design.

Making videos of your project. Don Stewart described how to create short screencasts showing off your latest awesome Haskell project.

WinGhci, a GUI for GHCI on Windows. Pepe Gallardo announced the first release of WinGhci, a simple GUI for GHCI on Windows. It is closely based on WinHugs, and provides similar functionality.

hranker: Basic utility for ranking a list of items (e.g. for the logo poll). Robin Green announced hranker, a command-line utility that helps the user rank a list of items (of any type implementing Show, Eq and Ord). The hope is that the code is sufficiently clear that it could also serve as an educational piece of code, especially for people wanting to learn how to use the HCL library.

salvia-0.1, salvia-extras-0.1. Sebastiaan Visser announced a new version of Salvia, a lightweight Haskell Web Server Framework. Changes in this release include easier dependencies, some new default handler environments that simplify setting up a server application, support for keep-alive, a great deal of additional documentation, support for Windows, and various cleanup and bug fixes.

Haddock 2.4.2. David Waern announced a new release of Haddock, the Haskell documentation tool. This is a bug fix release only, and it's the same version that will ship with GHC 6.10.2, unless any important problems are discovered before the GHC release. Because the .haddock file format has changed, links to previously installed documentation will not work when generating documentation using this version.

ansi-terminal, ansi-wl-pprint - ANSI terminal support for Haskell. Max Bolingbroke announced the ansi-terminal and ansi-wl-pprint packages, which allow Haskell programs to produce much richer console output by allowing colorisation, emboldening and so on. Both Unix-like (OS X, Linux) and Windows operating systems are supported (via a pure Haskell ANSI emulation layer for Windows).

I/O library for Windows. Felix Martini announced the package, an I/O library for Windows using Windows API functions with I/O completion port support. The main goal of this library is to support Simon Marlow's new Handle API once he has added that to GHC. The library also has a compatibility module for socket functions from the network-bytestring package.


Grouping - Map / Reduce. G√ľnther Schmidt asked about a way to lazily group an unordered list of key/value pairs, leading to some interesting solutions and discussion of preserving laziness.

about Haskell code written to be "too smart". Manlio Perillo began an epic discussion about Haskell coding style, idioms, pedagogy, and much, much more.

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