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hgettext-0.1.5 - GetText based internationalization of Haskell programs. Vasyl Pasternak announced a new release of the hgettext package for internationalization of Haskell programs, which now supports distribution and installation of PO files.

Buster 0.99.1, a library for application orchestration that is not FRP. Jeff Heard announced the release of Buster, an FRP-like framework for constructing reactive programs with a bus model.

Call for Contributions - Haskell Communities and Activities Report, May 2009 edition. Janis Voigtlaender issued a call for contributions to the 16th edition of the Haskell Communities & Activities Report. The submission deadline is 1 May 2009. If you are working on any project that is in some way related to Haskell, please write a short entry and submit it. Even if the project is very small or unfinished or you think it is not important enough -- please reconsider and submit an entry anyway!

fad 1.0 -- Forward Automatic Differentiation library. Bjorn Buckwalter announced the initial release of the Haskell fad library, developed by Barak A. Pearlmutter and Jeffrey Mark Siskind. Fad provides Forward Automatic Differentiation (AD) for functions polymorphic over instances of 'Num'.

hledger 0.4 released. Simon Michael announced the release of hledger 0.4, a text-mode double-entry accounting tool. It reads a plain text journal file describing your transactions and generates precise activity and balance reports. Changes include the ability to serve reports in a web browser, and many other fixes and improvements.

GHC version 6.10.2. Ian Lynagh announced a new patchlevel release of GHC. This release contains a number of bugfixes relative to 6.10.1, including some performance fixes; see the release notes.

Beta of Leksah IDE available. J├╝rgen Nicklisch-Franken announced release 0.4.4 of Leksah, the Haskell IDE written in Haskell. Current features include on the fly error reporting with location of compilation errors, completion , import helper for constructing import statements, module browser with navigation to definition, project management support based on Cabal with a visual editor, "source candy", and more.

satchmo: monadic SAT encoding library. Johannes Waldmann announced a preliminary version of satchmo, a monadic library for encoding boolean and integral number constraints to CNF-SAT. It uses minisat as a backend solver.

vacuum-cairo: a cairo frontend to vacuum for live Haskell data visualization. Don Stewart announced the release of vacuum-cairo, a Haskell library for interactive rendering and display of values on the GHC heap using Matt Morrow's vacuum library. This library takes vacuum's output, generates dot graph format from it, renders it to SVG with graphviz, and displays the resulting structure using the gtk2hs Cairo vector graphics bindings ... all at the GHCi command line. Watch some screencasts!

vacuum: extract graph representations of ghc heap values.. Matt Morrow announced the release of vacuum, a library for extracting graph representations of values from the GHC heap, which may then be further processed and/or translated to Graphviz dot format to be visualized.

new release of HTTP, version 4000.0.5. Sigbjorn Finne announced a new version of the HTTP package, which includes a bunch of fixes and cleanups along with some API documentation.

type-level programming support library. spoon asked for feedback on a support library for type level programming.

cmonad 0.1.1. Lennart Augustsson announced the CMonad package, which allows one to write Haskell code in a C style.

Marketing Haskell. Ketil "Simon Peyton-Jones" Malde announced the new official Haskell mascot.

Haskell Platform: status update and call for volunteers. Duncan Coutts gave an update on the status of the Haskell Platform. There are no more policy questions to resolve for the first release. It is a matter of getting things done. The first platform release will contain ghc-6.10.2, the "extra libs", haddock, happy and alex, and the cabal command line tool and it's dependencies. We are calling for volunteers for an action group. We need volunteers to take charge of various platforms and to manage the overall release. See Duncan's email for a list of what is needed, and volunteer!

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