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GHC 6.10.3 prerelease. Ian Lynagh announced a prerelease version of GHC 6.10.3. There have been very few changes relative to 6.10.2. Unless any major problems are uncovered, the final release is expected to be built in a couple of days.

graphviz-2009.5.1. Ivan Lazar Miljenovic announced version 2009.5.1 of the graphviz library, which provides a Haskell interface to the GraphViz program. Major changes include support for polyparse >= 1.1, dependency on GHC 6.10.*, functions from the Graphalyze library, and more.

priority-sync- Cooperative task prioritization.. Christopher Lane Hinson announced the release of the priority-sync package for cooperative task prioritization.

HaL4: Local Haskell meeting, Halle/Saale, Germany, June 12. Henning Thielemann requested proposals for talks for HaL4, a local Haskell meeting in Halle, Germany on June 12.

TraverseAccum: an effectful accumulating map.. Florent Balestrieri posted some code implementing an effectful accumulating map.

LondonHUG talk: Engineering Large Projects in Haskell. Don Stewart posted slides from last week's London HUG talk, which attempts to document some of the tips and tricks Galois has accumulated using Haskell commercially for the past 10 years.

atom-0.0.2. Tom Hawkins announced the release of atom, a Haskell DSL for designed hard realtime embedded programs. Eaton is using it to control hydraulic hybrid refuse trucks and shuttle buses.

Bamse-0.9.4, a Windows Installer generator. Sigbjorn Finne announced a new version of Bamse, a package and application for letting you quickly put together Windows Installers for your software projects/products from within the comforts of Haskell. New in this release is the support for generating MSIs from your Cabal projects, having them either be built from source or just have them be installed and registered at install-time.

Dutch Haskell Users' Group (first meeting: May 6th). Chris Eidhof announced the first meeting of the newly formed Dutch Haskell Users' Group (DHUG), on May 6th at 19:30 in Utrecht.

Haskell Symposium Submission site now open. Stephanie Weirich announced that submission to the Haskell Symposium is now open. The submission deadline is May 8.

OpenGL, GLUT, OpenAL, and ALUT updates. Sven Panne announced new bugfix releases for the OpenGL, GLUT, OpenAL, and ALUT packages.

control-monad-exception-0.1: Explicitly typed exceptions. Pepe Iborra announced the control-monad-exception package, which provides explicitly typed exceptions for Haskell. The type of a computation in the EM monad carries a list of the exceptions that the computation may throw. A exception is raised with 'throw', which in addition adds it to the type, and captured with 'catch', which correspondingly removes it from the type. Only safe computations (all exceptions handled) can escape from the monad.

Haskell File Manager. Michael Dever announced the first release of Haskell File Manager, a program for viewing/managing the files on your computer. It has all the common functionality you would expect from your current file manager, copying, moving, deleting, renaming, opening and searching.

uu-parsinglib-2.0.0. S. Doaitse Swierstra announced the release of uu-parsinglib, the first version of the new parsing combinator library package from Utrecht University. Features include online result construction, much simpler internals than the combinators in the uulib package, error correction, parsing ambiguous grammars, a monadic interface, and more.

Takusen 0.8.4. Alistair Bayley announced version 0.8.4 of Takusen, a database package; this is mostly a "get it working with ghc-6.10" release.


Google SoC: Space profiling reloaded. Patai Gergely asked for ideas on his Google Summer of Code project to improve the Haskell space profiling experience.

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