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Hac phi is next weekend! With almost 30 people already registered, it looks like we're going to have a fantastic time hacking in Philadelphia. It's still not too late to register!


GHC 6.10.4. Ian Lynagh announced a new patchlevel release of GHC, 6.10.4. This version has very few changes over 6.10.3, but fixes some bugs that could be critical for a few users. See the release notes for details.

shelltestrunner 0.6 released. Simon Michael announced the first release of shelltestrunner, a small tool for testing any command-line program by running it through "shell" tests defined with a simple file format.

generator 0.5.1. Yair Chuchem announced the release of the generator package, which implements an alternative list monad transformer, a list class, and related functions.

GLURaw Sven Panne announced a new GLURaw package, containing full support for all GLU functionality and similar in spirit to the OpenGLRaw package: it is a 1:1 mapping of the C interface, no libraries or headers are needed at build time, and the GLU API entries are resolved dynamically at runtime.

OpenGLRaw Sven Panne announced a new version of the OpenGLRaw package, which adds support for a number of OpenGL extensions.

ObjectName Sven Panne announced a (tiny) new package, ObjectName, which contains a class corresponding to the general notion of explicitly handled identifiers for API objects, e.g. a texture object name in OpenGL or a buffer object name in OpenAL.

StateVar Sven Panne announced the StateVar package, which further modularizes the OpenGL/OpenAL packages. It implements state variables, which are references in the IO monad, like IORefs or parts of the OpenGL state.

data-ordlist-0.0.1 and NumberSieves-0.0. Leon Smith announced the release of two new packages: Data.OrdList offers a convenient way for efficiently dealing with lists that you happen to know are ordered, and includes operations such as union, merge, exclusive union, intersection, and difference. NumberSieves includes the Sieve of O'Neill, from "The Geniune Sieve of Eratosthenes" by Melissa O'Neill, which offers an incremental primality sieve based on priority queues. Also included are two array-based generalizations of the Sieve of Eratosthenes: one for factoring a large quantity of small numbers, and another for calculating the phi function for a large quantity of small numbers.

graphviz-2999.0.0.0. Ivan Lazar Miljenovic announced a new release of the graphviz package for Haskell, which provides bindings to the GraphViz suite of tools. The biggest and most important change in this release is that all 152 attributes utilised/supported by GraphViz are now specified and supported.

uncommon IMO problem - toilet management. Henning Thielemann announced a Haskell package for managing toilet use at the International Mathematical Olympiad.

darcs 2.3 beta 4. Petr Rockai announced another darcs 2.3 beta release, which features better Windows support. If you're on Windows, you should be able to install it with 'cabal install darcs-beta' -- give it a try!

Google Summer of Code

Progress updates from participants in the 2008 Google Summer of Code.

space profiling. Gergely Patai has been working on a heap profile manager.

fast darcs. Petr Rockai put out another another darcs 2.3 beta release, and made a bunch of other progress including getting darcs up and running on win32, working on hashed-storage, and optimizing 'darcs show contents'.


is closing a class this easy? Conor McBride asked for feedback on some code intended to effectively create a closed type class.

laziness blowup exercise. Thomas Hartman challenged readers to squash a memory leak.

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