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I agree with this.  As it happens, the abstract syntax to which Haskell
is parsed in the Glasgow Haskell compiler already includes empty versions
of most of these constructs anyhow.

Incidentally, while I'm editing the current revision of the report, Paul
Hudak remains Syntax Tsar.  That's why he's responding to the syntax debate
and I (mostly) am not.


| From: Nick North <ndn@seg.npl.co.uk>
| Date: Tue, 19 Mar 91 14:03:32 GMT 
| I would like to put in a plea for the Haskell syntax to allow empty
| declarations (impdecls, fixdecls, topdecls and decls). This is to
| aid those of us who automatically generate Haskell programs. The
| effect would be to allow semicolon as a terminator or a separator
| of declarations (since decl;decl; can be parsed as decl;decl;empty).