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Haskell library

		Haskell source library 

It seems likely that many people will implement re-usable "software
components" in Haskell.  For example: such as lookup tables, AVL trees,
sets, bags, pretty-printers, and so on.  

It seems a shame to re-invent a wheel that someone else has already built
once, so we hereby offer to maintain a publicly-FTP-able library of such
modules (or sets of modules). 

The library will be unmoderated (at least for now).  We will put in it
anything we get sent, and keep a contents list at the top level.  The better
documented your module(s) the more likely it is that other people will be
able to make use of them.

This library is meant to be for re-usable software components, but we
well also maintain a library of complete programs.  These could be used
as benchmarks, or just be interesting applications.  

How to submit a component or program
Either FTP it into the "pub/haskell/library/incoming" directory on one
of the above machines (use the "put" command), or e-mail it to
haskell-library@dcs.glasgow.ac.uk, or send a message (same address)
saying how the librarians can get a copy.

How to get the libraries
The library material is available by anonymous FTP from:

    Site			      Directory
    -------------------------------   -------------------
    dcs.glasgow.ac.uk (master copy)   pub/haskell/library
    nebula.cs.yale.edu			"
    animal.cs.chalmers.se		"

If you are unable to retrieve materials that way, please send e-mail to

Periodic announcements about the library will be made on the Haskell mailing
list.  Send mail to haskell-request@{dcs.glasgow.ac.uk,cs.yale.edu} to

Don't get too excited yet: these directories are empty at the moment.