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Literate comments

| Should we rush into this? Kent's problem, although solved by Phil,
| convinces me that there may be more to discuss about this subject. I
| suggest leaving out literate comments until 1.3 or 2.0 or whatever the
| next version will be called.  -- Tony

| Maybe we need a "how to be a good Haskell system" document  -- just
| as we will eventually need a "Haskell std library" document.
| ... Finally: all implementations support Bird tracks anyway, so
| divergence is not a problem needing to be stamped out.  -- Will

The reason for putting this in now is so that the examples in the
Sigplan Notices version can be done in literate style.  This was Joe's
request, which I support.  (Speak up, Joe!)

Will's last point suggests to me that we do have enough experience not
to run into serious problems, which answers Tony's concern.

Let's not spend too much time on this!  Cheers,  -- P