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Re: Literate comments

| To be precise: I propose an additional chapter of the report, labeled
| `Literate comments' and no more than one page long, that states a
| convention for providing literate comments, notes that it is NOT part
| of Haskell but is supported by existing implementations, and mentions
| that the Prelude is presented with this convention in the report.  I
| volunteer to draft the page.

This sounds like a good idea to me (although I think it should be an
appendix rather than a chapter).  And while we're at it, why not include
a Haskell program to implement the filter?  This would help in several

  -  it's a pretty simple program, and would be another useful example
     to readers of the report.

  -  the convention for literate scripts would then be as well defined
     as the semantics of the language itself.

  -  anybody that wants to use literate scripts with an implementation
     which doesn't already support them wouldn't have to go to the
     trouble of writing their own filter.

It would still probably fit onto just one page!