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Re: Literate comments

I'd be happy with this, as an appendix, but I'd rather not change any of the
report's presentation.  To do so consistently would be difficult, and it
adds little to the Prelude appendices which are basically all code anyway.

Now, for Joe and Paul's tutorial, yes!

I wonder if you could also work in the convention that we all (I think)
use of .hs suffices for Haskell files, and .lhs for literate ones?


| To be precise: I propose an additional chapter of the report, labeled
| `Literate comments' and no more than one page long, that states a
| convention for providing literate comments, notes that it is NOT part
| of Haskell but is supported by existing implementations, and mentions
| that the Prelude is presented with this convention in the report.  I
| volunteer to draft the page.