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Literate comments

   To be precise: I propose an additional chapter of the report, labeled
   `Literate comments' and no more than one page long, that states a
   convention for providing literate comments, notes that it is NOT part
   of Haskell but is supported by existing implementations, and mentions
   that the Prelude is presented with this convention in the report.  I
   volunteer to draft the page.

   Paul, as syntax honcho you should rule on this.  Cheers,  -- P

OK, here's a counter proposal: add a subsection 1.6 (1.5 is on layout)
which describes the suggested convention on literate programming, one
page max.  But, DON'T re-do the Prelude; I don't believe it will
improve the presentation much (in this case, anyway), and I would
really rather that we leave this as a suggested convention rather than
committing to using it in any substantive way.