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Blobs editor with FPTC

What is Blobs-FPTC?
How do I use it?
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What is Blobs-FPTC?

Blobs is a diagram editor for directed graphs. FPTC is the Failure Propagation and Transformation Calculus. Blobs-FPTC combines the diagram editor with the FPTC analysis engine. It is written in Haskell, using the platform-independent GUI toolkit wxHaskell.

Blobs is a front-end for drawing and editing graph diagrams. It is an open-source project, but it does not have any processing engine built in. You must add a back-end engine if you want it to do some analysis or processing of the graph. There are various analysis engines that use Blobs as a front-end, e.g.

but these are not currently available as open source.

FPTC is a notation and analysis method for analysing the failure behaviour of flow-based system designs, developed at the University of York, within the Defence and Aerospace Research Partnership (DARP) for High-Integrity Real-Time Systems (HIRTS). You use the Blobs editor to draw your system diagram, and annotate it with FPTC expressions on the nodes. The FPTC engine can then calculate:


Blobs-FPTC can be downloaded as a package containing both sources and an application binary:

Or, if you want to build it yourself, to keep up with (and maybe contribute to) the development tree, you can grab a darcs repository.

    darcs get

For licensing reasons, neither the darcs repository nor the downloads are published addresses. Please do not make their addresses public.

Copyright: © 2005-6 the authors and contributors.

Blobs was originally written by Arjan van IJzendoorn and Martijn Schrage of the Universiteit Utrecht. Other contributors include Malcolm Wallace. Full details are in the COPYRIGHT file.

The FPTC engine was written by Malcolm Wallace, details in the COPYRIGHT-FPTC file.

License: The Blobs editor is distributed under the terms of the LGPL (see file LICENCE-LGPL for more details), but there is a special exception clause detailed in file COPYRIGHT.

The FPTC engine is licenced only for the use of the DARP partners, that is, the University of York, BAE Systems, Rolls Royce, and QinetiQ.

This software comes with no warranty. Use at your own risk.

How do I build it?

Building instructions

To build Blobs-FPTC, you need:

On Windows you may also need to install mingw in order to have the GNU make utility etc.

In the toplevel Blobs directory, there is a Makefile. You may need to edit it slightly, e.g. for a different version of ghc, or to enable/disable building a MacOS application bundle (symbol MAC=yes).

Just type 'make' and Blobs should build. If you change or add any imports in the code itself, you may need to 'make depend' to update the Makefile.

How do I use it?

Usage instructions